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The Dominant Buck Deer Theory with Dr. Larry Marchinton

Day 1: Learning about the Dominant Buck Deer with Dr. Larry Marchinton

Editor’s Note: Scientific research learned some facts about big white-tailed bucks that can make your hunting this year your best ever.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewIn any given area of the woods, there is one buck that has established himself as the dominant buck of that region, because of his superior strength, well-developed antlers and large body size. This buck, through trial by combat, has claimed the right to breed the does in that region. Although the subordinate bucks may from time to time test the dominant buck’s strength, his position in the herd is well-established and well-recognized. And, by being the dominant buck, this deer becomes the trophy that most hunters seek.

However many outdoorsmen don’t know what makes this particular buck different from the other deer in the herd, why this deer has been able to establish dominance, what his position of dominance means to the other deer in the herd, or how hunters may best hunt the older buck. Dr. Larry Marchinton, a retired professor of wildlife biology at the University of Georgia, has intensely studied and researched whitetail deer behavior for about three decades to find the answers to these questions. And, besides his scientific approach to learning about deer, Marchinton has closely scrutinized the white-tailed deer while hunting.

According to Marchinton, “The dominant buck is usually an older buck that is bigger and stronger than any of the other deer in his territory. He establishes his dominance right after the velvet comes off the antlers through a series of jousts with subordinate bucks. Although some hunters believe that there must be mortal combat for a buck to establish dominance, this does not seem to be the case. Subordinate bucks will push, shove and lock horns with a dominant buck to test his strength, but they don’t have to get hurt to find out that the dominant buck is still the strongest deer in the herd.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger View“This strongest buck generally will be an older deer that has survived more than 3-1/2-seasons. Because this buck is older, we also know that he is probably smarter than the younger bucks, since he has been able to elude hunters. And, once this dominant buck has proven his superiority to the subordinate bucks, he claims the right to breed the does in his territory. Because of his superior intelligence and strength, this buck will move primarily at night and will usually lay-up in heavy cover during the daylight hours, which is primarily why most hunters never see the dominant buck.”

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Day 1: Learning about the Dominant Buck Deer with Dr. Larry Marchinton
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