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Welcome to Night Hawk!

This multi-faceted page will lead you through a wide variety of interesting and exciting learning opportunities. With more than 40 years of traveling the nation and interviewing the best hunters and fishermen from across the country, John E. Phillips can teach you secrets from professional outdoorsmen and help you learn new and better techniques for your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

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John E. Phillips has written an extensive collection of books on hunting and fishing. Start your John E. Phillips outdoors library collection this hunting season. On request, John will personally autograph and date all books bought by Web site visitors. Be sure to mention that you want your book autographed when you order!

John's Journals

In John's Journals you'll find John's recommendations for the best places and people to hunt and fish with across the nation. These are all guides that John has fished and hunted with personally and that he knows will help you be successful in the outdoors.

John will share his interesting and entertaining outdoor adventures with you. You'll read about fishing, hunting, cow pasture golf, and more as this journal continues to grow. If there's something fun to do in the outdoors, John's either done it or is itching to do it, and when he does, he'll tell you all about it here.

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