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How to Become an Outdoor TV Host with Chad Schearer

Day 1: Chad Schearer Tells Us How He Got Started in Outdoor Television

Click for Larger ViewEveryone I know who has a video camera and loves to hunt and fish wants to have his or her own outdoor TV show. Almost every local television station and public-access station has at least one outdoor TV show. And, each of these TV hosts wants to have a nationally-syndicated TV show with sponsors who pay the way for the host to hunt and fish all over the nation. However, very-few outdoorsmen are able to make the step from having a state or even a regional TV show to having a national TV show. Click for Larger ViewI’ve seen the crave for being a national TV host destroy finances, families and friends. Most of us don’t know or understand how to make the step from making home videos to share with family and friends to becoming a state, a regional or a national outdoor TV personality.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to watch and get to know most of the hunters and fishermen we now see on our televisions. One such national TV host is Chad Schearer of Great Falls, Montana. I first met Chad many years ago when he was an owner and a guide for Central Montana Outfitters. I was impressed with his work ethic, his knowledge and ability as a hunter, his people skills and his business savvy - all of which were critical ingredients for becoming a national TV host. I was also impressed with his wife Marsha Schearer, who supported and helped Chad in all aspects of his business and family life. Click for Larger ViewHerein lays one of the biggest secrets to being a successful TV host. You must have an extremely-supportive family behind you, who endures the grind of your being gone so much. Without a very-supportive wife or girlfriend, few marriages or relationships survive for the outdoor TV host.

Click for Larger ViewBut rather then tell you how to get started, and what you must do to have your own outdoor television show, I sat down with Chad Schearer and asked him five questions most people want to know about the reality of becoming an outdoor personality. Each day this week you’ll be able to see and hear Chad Schearer tell you how he’s gotten started and continued to progress as a host of the “Shoot Straight” television series ( This week we’ll take a behind-the-scenes look via video at the life and the work of a man who has made it and become what many of us dream about - owning, videoing producing and marketing his own outdoor TV show.

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Tomorrow: Chad Schearer Explains How to Get Sponsors for Your TV Show

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Day 1: Chad Schearer Tells Us How He Got Started in Outdoor Television
Day 2: Chad Schearer Explains How to Get and Keep Sponsors for a TV Show
Day 3: Chad Schearer on How to Keep Your Family Together and Make It a Part of Your Television Business Plan
Day 4: Chad Schearer Explains How His Family Consistently Takes Trophy Animals during a 30 Minute TV Show
Day 5: Putting In More Days and Hours to Be a TV Host Than When Working a Regular Job with Chad Schearer


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