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John's Journal... Entry 174, Day 5


Crumley's Preferred Equipment

EDITOR'S NOTE: JJim Crumley, founder of Trebark camouflage in Roanoke, Virginia, talks about his hunt at Heartland Outfitters in Illinois where he took a monster buck.

QUESTION: Jimmy, what bow are you shooting?
Answer: This is the Renegade Combo. I'm also shooting Beaman 400 arrow and the Thunder Head 125 broadhead.

QUESTION: Why do you like that bigger broadhead?
Answer: Well, I started shooting them the first year they came out. Before that, I had been shooting the Razor Back Fives. They always had worked well for me. I'm still kind of old school, so I don't change what works well. They have always shot well for me.

QUESTION: What release do you shoot?
Answer: I use my fingers.

QUESTION: Why do you not use a mechanical release?
Answer: The first time I pulled one, it went off about one-half of the way back, and I shot one of my broadheads down into the woods and lost it. I didn't have any money at that time and said I wasn't going to shoot a release any more because I couldn't afford to shoot those arrows and not find them. Releases are the way to go, especially for people first getting into bow hunting because you are certain to become a more-accurate shooter more quickly. I'm not a very good shot at 50 or 60 yards, but I practice at 40 yards because I hope never to shoot past 20 yards. So fingers work real well for that. And they don't go off when you don't want them to.

To learn more about Trebark camouflage, call 1-800-843-2266 or visit www.trebark.com. For more information about Heartland Lodge, write RR #1 Box 8A Nebo, IL 62355, call 1-800-717-4868, or visit www.heartlandlodge.com.



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