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Mark and Terry Drury and Their Buck Deer of Brotherly Love

Day 1: Terry Drury on Scouting Before Deer Season

Editor’s Note: Would you give your brother the opportunity to bag a buck bigger than any deer you'd ever seen or killed in your life? Would you scout hard to pinpoint just the right place to take a deer, know that you had a 140-plus class buck to hunt, set-up a tree stand and then let your brother harvest the buck of your dreams? That's exactly what Terry Drury of Bloomsdale, Missouri, the co-owner of Drury Outdoors, did for his brother, Mark.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger View"Two months before deer season began, while I was scouting, I followed a trail in Illinois from a cornfield into a bedding thicket," Terry Drury remembers. "Although the trail was very faint, all along the trail in this Mississippi River bottom were some big scrapes and large rubs. Since some of the rubs I saw were old rubs, I knew this buck had been using this trail for several years, which meant he was an older age-class buck and probably a big one. The deer tracks on the trail were huge. From those tracks, I could tell that more than likely two or three bucks were using this little dim trail, about 50- to 60-yards away from a well-worn trail going to the field that a large number of deer traveled. The trail ran through a river bottom with thick vegetation and a number of blown-down trees. Because the rest of the creek bottom was all open timber, I believed that the thick-cover area presented the only bedding site close to the cornfield where the deer were feeding."

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewWhen Terry Drury scouts, he tends to search for bedding cover first and then for a feeding area. Because Drury usually hunts during the pre-rut, he likes to set up a stand to see a buck coming back from his feeding site. "I know that an older age-class buck generally will circle downwind of his bedding area before he enters it," Drury explains. "Therefore I usually check the downwind side of thick-cover regions near a food source to locate a trail that a buck uses to enter and often leave his bedding region."

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Tomorrow: The Wind Advantage and Stand Preparation to Successfully Hunt Deer with Terry Drury

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Day 1: Terry Drury on Scouting Before Deer Season
Day 2: The Wind Advantage and Stand Preparation to Successfully Hunt Deer with Terry Drury
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