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Games Rabbits Play

Rabbits That Confuse, Frustrate and Aggravate

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: February is a productive Click to enlargemonth for rabbit hunting, and much of the country allows small-game hunting then. There are some rabbits that will run a full circle when the beagle dogs get after them and come right into shotgun range – running out into a clearing or go 15 to 20 yards and stop – presenting an easy, simple shot. But, another type of rabbit seems to have supernatural powers to confuse, frustrate, and aggravate even the best of hunters.

OneClick to enlarge such troublesome rabbit was the Gallberry Thicket Rabbit that I met quite by accident. I had a professor in college who, although he had three outstanding rabbit dogs, did not have a place to hunt. Now I had a place to hunt, but I did not have any dogs. Click to enlargeSo consequently, the two of us got together rather quickly and became fast friends. Since both of us had an 8 am class, and my hunting club was only 15 minutes from the classroom, one or two mornings a week we woke-up before daylight, had a cup of coffee at his house and hunted for an hour or two before class.
And oh, was the hunting great! We usually could hear his dogs carry a cottontail or a swamper on a good race, take one or two rabbits and still get to class in time for him to call roll and for me to slide into my seat before the bell rang.

Tomorrow: The Gallberry Thicket Rabbit

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