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Make It Happen In a Tree Stand with Will Primos, Eddie Salter, Wayne Carlton and David Hale

Will Primos - New and Exciting Deer Calls

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: UntClick to enlargeil about 20-years ago, you had almost no control over the deer you hunted. You only could take a stand in an area where your research and scouting had led you to believe a deer might show up and pray the deer would appear. Sitting in a tree stand all day and waiting for a deer to appear was about as exciting as watching maple syrup pour out of a bucket in zero-degree weather. However, today, with the new and exciting deer calls on the market, you have the ability to make a deer come to where you are, cause the deer to hunt you and make bucks show-up that ordinarily may not have walked into your sights.

"I like to use the bleat call at the beginning of bow season to take does," Will Primos, the creator of Primos Game Calls, in Flora, Mississippi, says. "In Mississippi where I hunt primarily, many of the landowners manage their deer herds to try and keep the herds in balance and their land at its carrying capacity. As part of their herd-management program, a certain number of doe deer must be removed from the herd each season. The landowners encourage bowhunters and others to harvest the does. I've learned by using the bleat call, I quickly and effectively can bring does into my stand and take a shot."

According to Primos, he moves into an area, sets up his treestand, climbs into his stand and gets ready for the shot. "Most of the time, you will call a deer within 5 to 10Click to enlarge minutes after you've gotten into your stand. Before I start calling, I already have my arrow nocked and my fingers on the string.
Once I give the bleat call, I start looking and listening for deer. As soon as I hear a deer running to my stand, I’ll pull the arrow, bring the bow to full draw and anchor my shot. I know that in only a few seconds a doe will appear at my stand. When you call does in using a bleat call, they come in quickly.Click to enlarge Then when they get out 15 to 20 yards from you, they start looking for the fawn that has made the bleat call. When they don't see the fawn, they'll leave as rapidly as they've come. Usually you'll only have 2 to 6 seconds to get your shot off. You won't have time to draw your bow and release it when the doe stops." If the deer doesn't come within 10 minutes, Primos moves his stand 100- to 200-yards away and repeats the same process.

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