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Resident-Goose Hunting in Maryland with Jeff Kreit

Decoys, Calls and Blinds for Resident-Goose Season

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Jeff Kreit of Baltimore, Maryland, an avid geese hunter and an Avery Outdoors Pro Staff team member, has hunted geese since he was 3-years old. He hunted only the Eastern Shore of Maryland until about 14-years ago, when the resident population of geese in Maryland exploded. “Instead of hunting out of pits like I usually would, I bought a trailer to carry my decoys and layout blinds and became a mobile goose hunter,” Kreit says.

Click to enlargeQuestion: Jeff, when is Maryland’s resident-goose season?
Kreit: We have two resident-goose seasons. The first one starts September 1 and ends September 25. The late season runs from November 14 to February 14. We scout and locate where the resident geese are feeding, which oftentimes is in a cow pasture. I know almost every farmer in the resident goose-hunting zone of Maryland, and I also have a number of family members who own farms in the area. When we’re setting up for the early season, we always put our decoys out in front of our layout blinds and leave a hole in front of the blind where the geese can land. I’ll usually put out 20 to 30 dozen Avery Outdoors fully-flocked geese decoys. I prefer to have my geese come in from the side rather than straight in, so I’ll often use a J-hook-type of decoy spread. This way, I can take the geese as they come into the spread from the side.

Question: What kind of blinds are you using?
Kreit: I prefer the Avery Power Hunter blinds because they have extremely-low profiles. Often we’ll be hunting in grass fields and won’t have a lot of stubble to brush-up with, so a low-profile blind works best.Click to enlarge

Question:Where are these geese coming from, andwhere are they going?
Kreit: Most of these geese come from farm ponds, and they’re usually flying to a feeding spot to feed for the day.

Click to enlargeQuestion: How many of these resident geese can you take?
Kreit: We can take eight-per-day in the early season and five-per-day in the late season. Most mornings we can get our limit in 15 minutes to 3 hours, depending on how many people are hunting with us.

Question: What kinds of calls are you using?
Kreit: We use Zink’s Paralyzer SR-1 goose calls. In the early season, we don’t have to do any flagging, but in the late season, we have to use flagging and many of the same tactics we’ll use when we hunt flyway geese.

Question: How many days do you usually goose hunt in the early season?
Kreit: Primarily, I’ll hunt 12 to 15 days of the season and take a limit of the giant Canada geese almost every day.

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