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You Won’t Strike Out When Hunting With Central Montana Outfitters

I Found a Couple of Them

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: I love to do any type of hunting. I’ve learned many years ago that some of the biggest white-tailed deer in the nation live in the Northwest. And, although I love to hunt mule deer, I truly enjoy hunting big whitetails.

A good friend of mine, Chad Schearer of Central Montana Outfitters talked last spring about my coming out and hunting with him. When I told him, “Chad, I saw some big whitetails when I was out with y’all two years ago,” and then asked, “Have you still got any large whitetails left?” Schearer answered that, “I’m sure we do. I’ll keep an eye on them during the late summer and early fall and let you know how many and what size whitetails our area has.” A few weeks before my November, 2006 trip, Schearer called and explained, “John, I’ve spotted two white-tailed bucks that will score 150 poinClick to enlargets or better Boone & Crockett. I believe I can get you within muzzle-loader range. I’ll have a Connecticut Valley Arms (CVA) Optima Elite for you to hunt with, and you should be able to take this big whitetail with a .45 caliber PowerBelt bullet. I’ll have everything you’ll need when you arrive. You may even take one of those bucks on the first day you hunt.”

Well, as I’ve mentioned, I love to hunt. I asked Schearer, “If I take that buck on the first-morning’s hunt, then what will I do for the other 4-1/2-day?” Schearer said, “Plenty. You can hunt Hungarian partridge and pheasant in the CRP land we have, or, coyotes on any of our land. If you want to get an antelope tag, you can hunt them, too. So, don’t worry. There’s plenty for you to do on one of our hunts. The good news is that if you don’t get your white-tailed buck after four days of hunting, and you decide to take a mule deer buck instead, your deer tag is good for either whitetails or mule deer. That means Click to enlargeyou don’t have to bring any guns out here with you because I’ll have a .12-gauge barrel, a .243 barrel, a .270 barrel and a .45 caliber muzzleloader barrel here for you that you can swap out on the Optima Elite. All you have to do with this new CVA gun is change the barrels, depending on what you want to hunt. Too, I have scopes on all the Optima Elite barrels. Does life get any simpler than this?”

I don’t know about you, but I really hate when I go hunting to complete a hunt and have to sit around Click to enlargecamp and wait on others to complete their hunts. When I go on a hunt, I want to be hunting for something all the time. When I leave my work for a week, I want to cram as much hunting as possible into my time away. So, when Schearer told me about all the critters I could hunt and take when I hunted with Central Montana Outfitters, I could hardly wait for the day to arrive when I would leave to fly there. The last thing Schearer explained was, “John, you should see a goodly number of white-tailed bucks. You’ll have several chances at bucks that will score from 100- 120 B&C, if you want to bag a smaller buck than the two 150s I’ve mentioned.”

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