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The Search for the Magical Bass Lure

Click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Once while walking along the white, sandy shores of the Gulf of Mexico, I stumbled across an unusual looking bottle. Captivated by the beauty of the bottle, I decided this container would make a unique flower vase for my wife. However, as I rubbed the water stains from the glass, it quivered in my hands and began to shake. The cork popped off, and a beautiful genie appeared. As I told myself that this only happened in story books, there she stood in her harem robes. When the genie asked me, "Oh, master, what is your heart's desire? I'll grant you 10 wishes and be your slave for the rest of your life," I decided I'd hit the mother lode. However, not wanting to appear too greedy, I thought I should ask for something that would help all mankind. As I wondered what would be the one wish that would pay the biggest dividends for my friends for the longest time, I received my answer like a bolt of lightning. I looked at the lovely genie and said, "I Click to enlargewant 1-million dozen of a magical bass lure that will catch trophy bass on every outing and large numbers of bass every time it's cast." She crossed her arms and blinked her eyes. In her hand, a lure appeared. Behind her was an acre of cardboard boxes filled with lures. Quick as a flash, I climbed on top of the cardboard boxes, ripped open the lid of the top box and grabbed a lure. As I looked at the magic bass lure, I felt myself falling off the boxes. Then with a heavy thud, I hit the ground. When I opened my eyes, I wasn't in Gulf Shores, Alabama, on the beach but rather was on the floor of my bedroom with the covers tangled around my head. The genie and the magic bass lure had been only a dream. However, at least for one second, I had held the lure all anglers seek as we search for a secret bait that will cause bass to go on a feeding frenzy. Thousands of dollars are made each year by lure manufacturers who believe they have produced such a lure. Many Click to enlargeanglers swear by baits they claim will produce bass under any weather or water conditions. Even though pro fishermen won't admit to having magic baits, they do use the words, confidence lures, to describe these baits instead of the word, magic.

The first magical lure I ever fished was a hard, plastic, black worm with white spots produced by the Creme Lure Company - one of the first plastic worms ever made. That black worm with white polka dots consistently produced more bass for me than any other lure I fished for a number of years. Another bewitching bait at that time in the 1960s was the Rapala - a lure so deadly and hard to find that sporting-goods stores in Mississippi once rented each Rapala out for $25 a day. I know because I rented one. Although the Rapala was ordinary looking, it seemed to mesmerize bass and cause even bedding bass to explode on the surface and Click to enlargeinhale the lure. Even in the middle of the summer when no other lure seemed able to produce bass, the Rapala would call a limit to your line.

Then the Slug-Go worm, a large, soft-plastic lure that darts across the surface like a Zara Spook, has caught fire and been viewed by many to be the latest magic lure on the market that enchants bass. But what causes a lure to be magical? How do you find and use a magic lure? How long does a magic lure's spellbinding characteristics last? Can you make any lure in your tackle box magic? Let's find out this week.


Check back each day this week for more about MAGIC LURES AND SECRET BAITS FOR BASS

Day 1: The Search for the Magical Bass Lure
Day 2: What Causes a Lure to Be Magic
Day 3: How to Find and Use a Magic Lure
Day 4: How Long Do Magic Lures Last?
Day 5: How Can You Make Any Lure in Your Tackle Box Magic?



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