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Turkey Hunting Tactics

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In this book, Turkey Hunting Tactics, John E. Phillips shares secret strategies employed by some of the nation's best turkey hunters. The award-winning author of many hunting books, Phillips has spent many years afield in the company of expert turkey hunters.

Table of Contents

About the Author

  1. The Wild Turkey
  2. Turkey Hunting Across North America
  3. Getting Ready For The Turkey Season
  4. The Complete Turkey Hunter
  5. The Turkey Hunter's Shotgun
  6. Shotgun Loads And Patterning
  7. Other Hunting Tools
  8. Calling Tools
  9. Calling Techniques
  10. Calling Situations
  11. Pre-Season Scouting
  12. Locating Gobblers
  13. Setting Up On Gobblers
  14. How To Miss A Bird
  15. Turkey Decoys
  16. Fall Hunting
  17. The Guided Hunt
  18. Hunting In The Face Of Danger
  19. After The Shot
  20. The Turkey And The New York Lady
  21. It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This
  22. Birds Of The Same Feather


Turkey Hunting Tactics is $21.50

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