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The Masters' Secrets of Deer Hunting

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For more than three decades, John E. Phillips has hunted whitetail deer across the nation. He has gathered information for his newspaper columns and magazine articles on the out-of-doors for the past 20 years. The award-winning author of many other books, Phillips has spent many years afield in the company of expert hunters. He makes his living learning the secrets of how master hunters take whitetail deer and writing about them.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 5
Preface 7
About the Author 11

  1. How To Be a Successful Deer Hunter with Don Taylor
  2. Detecting Deer Movement Through Scouting with Dr. Robert Sheppard
  3. Scouting After the Season with Don Taylor, Dr. Robert Sheppard and Bob Zaiglin
  4. How Wind Affects Bucks with Dr. Robert Sheppard
  5. Bag a Buck Through His Stomach with Dr. Keith Causey
  6. Using the Fear Factor with Dr. Keith Causey
  7. Utilizing Treestands Productively
  8. Getting a Buck Within Range with Ronnie Groom
  9. How To Stalk Undetected
  10. How To Call Deer with Dr. Larry Marchinton
  11. Using Man Drives Effectively with Don Taylor
  12. When Deer Become Nocturnal with Ronnie Groom
  13. Legendary Deer and the Men Who Hunt Them
  14. How To Hunt the Rut with Dr. Karl Miller and Bob Zaiglin
  15. Weird Ways To Bag a Buck


The Masters' Secrets of Deer Hunting is $13.50

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