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Black Powder Hunting Secrets

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John E. Phillips is an avid black powder hunter who has hunted from caribou in Canada, doves in Georgia, elk in Colorado and deer in many states to turkey in Alabama with his black powder guns. Phillips likes to hunt all types of game with black powder. An award-winning author of 15 books on the outdoors, Phillips spends both his working and his recreational hours in the woods and on the water. If you own a black powder gun or always have wanted to hunt with black powder, this book is for you.

Table of Contents

Dedication 3
Acknowledgments 5
About the Author 7
Preface-Why Hunt With Black Powder 9

  1. How To Get Started Hunting With Black Powder 13
  2. How To Load and Care For Your Gun Safely 31
  3. How To Hunt Deer With Black Powder 39
  4. When To Use Tree Stands Or Ground Blinds 43
  5. Secret Tactics To Stalk Bucks 49
  6. How To Hunt Black Beards And Long Spurs 59
  7. How To Bag Elk The Old Way 69
  8. Why Hunt Other Big Game 79
  9. Why Hunt Squirrels With Black Powder 93
  10. 10 How To Ambush Rabbits 101
  11. How To Hunt Birds With Black Powder 109
  12. Where And How To Hunt Coyotes 127
  13. Why Hunt Crows 137

Resource Directory 145
About the Artist 155
Index 157


Black-Powder Hunting Secrets is $15.50

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