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Night Hawk Stories... Entry 27

Taking a Monster Elk

click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Tim Hooey, the host of "North American Fish and Game Outdoor Magazine," has hunted avidly since childhood. One of the lucky ones, he's turned his love for hunting into a 10-year career. His show runs in syndication in several cities and the Outdoor Channel runs his show on cable on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST.

In September 2000, Tim Hooey took a monster elk with his bow in New Mexico. Viewers will have the opportunity to see the hunt on the next season of Hooey's show. This week, he gives visitors to Mossy Oak's website the inside scoop on how he took this elk.

click to enlargeQUESTION: Tim, why did you decide to go on this hunt?
ANSWER: Well, I met Abe Meline of Abe and Son Elk Calls at an outdoor show. He recommended that we hunt together sometime and told me that New Mexico had some great elk. I put in for the non-resident draw in New Mexico and just so happened to draw for the first week in September 2000.

Abe has killed more than 350 elk in his 58 years. With his calls, he sounds more like an elk than an elk does. For anyone who's looking for elk calls, Abe's are the best. He has a special patented design and mouthpiece, and the sounds they give are very natural.

click to enlargeQUESTION: Where did you go in New Mexico, and who outfitted you?
ANSWER: My outfitter was San Francisco River Outfitters out of Glenwood, New Mexico. My guide was Tom Klunker, who happened to be the great-grandson of the man who guided Theodore Roosevelt on some big game hunts. We went to the Gila National Forest. Since Tom specialized in pack trips, we drove about 30 miles deep into the forest and then hit the trail on horseback. My TV cameraman -- Tim Walsh -- and I set up a spike camp about 3 miles away from Abe and his friend, Cory and about 3 1/2-miles away from our guide, Tom.

Tomorrow: Setting Up the Campsite


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