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Special Report #69


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Where do you find monster-sized bass? How do you catch them? Bass that weigh 8 pounds or more often may be found in subdevelopment lakes, state fishing lakes, recreational parks, public picnic areas, farm ponds and other fishing spots which receive a large amount of fishing pressure.

The late L.J. Brasher, of Opelika, Alabama, who had taken hundreds of 10-pound-plus bass, believes the best nights and baits for catching trophy-sized bass, a theory I've also proven to myself, was to fish a surface lure like the Jitterbug on dark nights with little or no moon or on nights where the cloud cover blocked out the light of the moon. Besides the muskie Jitterbug, two other surface lures -- the Lunker Lure and the Lucky 13 -- paid off in nighttime trophy bass for me through the years.

Because everyone assumes no large bass are in small lakes or ponds, probably no one uses big-bass tactics or fishes that body of water at night when the bass are most active. By using a small aluminium boat and big-bass tackle, you can fish these small lakes and ponds under cover of darkness and catch some of the biggest bass in the United States.

Order Special Report #69 to learn more about taking trophy bass at night.