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Click to enlargeBucks At the End of the Season

Editor’s Note: Some people perform their best under pressure. When the last day of deer season and your last opportunity to hunt a trophy buck arrives, you must have the same dedication, poise and firm belief in your strategy as a star football player does in fourth quarter to bag your buck of a lifetime.

Click to enlargeWhen a quarterback faces a fourth down and 40 yards to go for a touchdown in the last 8 seconds of the fourth quarter, he must rely on his instincts and knowledge and his ability to exhibit poise under pressure. When calling the play in the huddle, he must focus on the task at hand. Then when the ball snaps, even though linebackers may blitz, linemen may charge, and his teammates may weaken, he must have the singleness of purpose to stay in the pocket, read the defense, make instant calculations on time and distance, pick out his wide receiver running on the fly pattern and launch the football just before a blitzing Click to enlargelinebacker hits him. If his dedication, knowledge, ability and instincts mesh together, he’ll score the touchdown and win the game.

You can’t run helter-skelter through the woods praying to get lucky. You must set up your game plan for that last day’s hunt. No matter what weather—rain, sleet, snow, hail or a bluebird day—happens, you can execute that hunt plan, remain poised, believe in your own abilities and follow your instincts. Bagging a trophy buck Click to enlargeeveryone has hunted and pursued the entire season equates in personal bests with scoring the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl during the last 8 seconds of the fourth quarter. Below are the game plans of men who have accomplished this feat. With time running out, they’ve executed their plans on the last day of the season and taken monster bucks. If you try these strategies, you too may bag a fourth-and-40 buck.




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