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How It Began

Click to enlarge Editor’s Note: Some years ago I hated our local paper company as much as I once disliked my high-school girlfriend, who jilted me for a redneck boy. You never really could get over a hurt like that. But time did make the hatred dimmer. In all honesty, I couldn't really blame the ex-girlfriend, the redneck or the paper company. But they all hurt my feelings, and reason had no place in hurt feelings.

Click to enlargeI'd hunted in a club in west/central Alabama for about 10 years. I practically had raised my daughter and son in the hunting club since our family spent almost every Friday and Saturday there during deer season, squirrel season and turkey season cooking and fellowshipping. We also went to the club during spring break and the early summer and fall each year to fish the river, hike and ride horses at a friend's nearby house. I had made some of the best friends I had on earth at the hunting camp. Click to enlargeEvery year during deer and turkey season when I pointed my truck toward the hunting club, I got that warm, fuzzy feeling like you would when you returned from a long trip. Then a local paper company bought our hunting club's land. They tore down the building we called a camphouse and leveled it to the ground. I realized I couldn't really blame the paper company for buying the land and the clubhouse. The property had vast expanses of timber and plentiful wildlife.

Click to enlargeIf I'd had the money, I would've bought the land. But I didn't have the money, the skill to manage it or the resources to utilize the land. Today the Lake Hollalah Hunting Camp only remains a fond memory in my family's minds of a once-great hunting lease. But I still carry some hatred for the people who bought the lease where I once hunted.



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