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Fishing for Beaver-Pond Bass

Beaver-Pond Bass

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: When beaver-pond-bassing is right, it can be some of the most-explosive, exciting fishing that an angler can experience. There is more than one way to catch a beaver-pond-bass because there’s more than one type of beaver pond to fish.

Forty-five minuClick to enlargetes late for a 2-hour chemistry lab in college,my feet were muddy, and my britches’ legs were wet and muddy halfway up my thigh. I looked like anything but the clean-scrubbed college student. Interrupting the class, I walked over to my professor and said, “Dr. Smith, I’m sorry I’m late, but being late was unavoidable and not really my fault. My friend Bill and I found this swamp hole way back down in the woods. Early this morning we started catching bass like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve already caught and released three limits of 2- to 5-pound bass. I believe we can catch just as many if not more after class, if you want to go. Bill is still down there waiting on us. So as soon as we finish up this lab, you can go with us if you want to, and I have a rod and some lures you can use.” The professor looked at me over his black-rimmed glasses and said, “Mr. Phillips, I will deal with you after class. But for right now, you had better get to your seat and start to work.” Although no one heard what I said to the professor, everyone heard what he told me. So very sheepishly and knowing I was inClick to enlarge trouble, I quietly walked to the back of the class and slid into my desk. Concentrating was difficult when all I could think about were those bass blowing up in that leaf-stained water and charging out through the flooded timber. However, I tried as hard as I could to concentrate on the material in front of me.

When the bell rang to mark the hour and the first break in the 2-houClick to enlarger class, the professor looked up from his desk and informed the class, “Ladies and gentlemen, just keep your seats. I want to tell you something. Since this class is about two lessons ahead of my other two chemistry classes, I am going to excuse all of you for the next hour of this lab. Just be sure to read the next chapter and put all of your lab instruments away.”

“Hot dog!” I thought. “I’ll get out there and catch me another good mess of bass before dark.” But as I quickly gathered up my books and papers and headed for the door, I heard over my shoulder, “Mr. Phillips, you are not excused from this class. I want to see you.” From the tone of his voice, the professor let me and everyone else who heard him know that he was very displeased with me and that I would surely receive some kind of discipline for my tardiness. As I walked over to his desk, a stern, unsmiling face met my smile. After all the students had left the room he cleared his throat, smiled and said, “How long will it take us to get to that beaver pond?”

Tomorrow: Rawhide Beaver-Pond Bassing

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