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Good Tactics for Bad Spotted Bass

Click to enlargeThe Creation of the Bad Spotted Bass

Editor’s Note: “We can catch and release 100 spotted bass a day,” Nolen Shivers of Birmingham, Alabama, said about a midweek fishing trip to Lay Lake in central Alabama. Shivers is one of the best anglers in that area and perhaps even in the nation. Unlike others, he hasn’t been infected with the lying disease often found in fishermen. But catching 100 spotted bass in one day was more than most people’s minds could fathom. However, Shivers was as good as his word.

TClick to enlargehe spotted bass were ganged-up on rocky main-river points all along the lake. On almost ever cast with chartreuse Diamond Flash grubs, we’d catch spots weighing between ¾-pound and 4 pounds. The spotted bass fishing was so fast, furious and productive that catching the spots almost became boring, except for the viciousness with which these marauders of the rocks fought. If you’ve wondered why this species of bass is much more fierce fighters than either the largemouth or the smallmouth, perhaps it’s because they often feed in current, which accounts for the savageness of their strikes and the strength with which they tear the line off reels.

Some anglers tell the story that when the Almighty sat on His throne aClick to enlargend decided where to put the fishes in the world, He told the spotted bass, “Boy, I don’t know what I’m going to do with you. All you want to do is fight! Anytime I put you around any other species of fish, you just want to whip them. You’ve got to be the meanest little critter I’ve ever seen.” The small spotted bass just bowed his back, lowered his head and said, “Well, Lord, when You created the largemouth bass, You made him the biggest bass of all. And when You made the smallmouth, You allowed him to be the high jumper of the water. You know what show-offs they both are. When I came along, there wasn’t anything left for me to be. The only way I could get any attention on the waterways of the earth was to be the baddest bass that swam. When a fight’s involved, the largemouth and the smallmouth bass usually outweigh me. Since You are probably not willing to change them, I feel in all fairness you should give me another weapon.”

From His pearly throne, the Lord realized that the little spotted bass had made a valid point. Because the smallmouth and the largemouth were content with the attributes they had received, the Lord wanted to be just and fair and give the spot a little something extra.Click to enlarge
“O.k., little spot,” the Almighty answered. “If being a fighter is your choice, I’ll equip you better than the other fish for the tussles you will encounter. I will make your body lean and strong. I also will add teeth to your tongue to let the world know you are the baddest bass that swims. If you happen to fall prey to anglers, I’ll give you more power to fight, pound for pound, than the other two bass. If being bad is your choice, I’ll equip you to be the baddest bass around.” And with that declaration, the Almighty created one of the most-sporting bass that swims.

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