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Click to enlargeLearning from Boathouse Bluegills

Editor’s Note: Click to enlargeAnglers know boathouse bream may be the most-educated panfish in any reservoir, but May and June often will be the most-productive times of the year to catch these bream. Little bluegills often will run in and hit any baits that fall in the water. But the larger, older gills usually will stay just below or off to one side of a school of small fish and observe what happens when the smaller fish feed. Generally if big bluegills are present in a boathouse, and little fish are in that same area, the smaller bluegills will get caught, and the trophy-sized fish won’t. If you want to succeed in catching the boathouse bluegills that have tantalized others and escaped the skillet, try these strategies this week. They will produce for you.

Click to enlargeThe common mistakes made by most anglers when fishing for bigger-than-average-boathouse bluegills are they fish:
* line that is too heavy,
* hooks and bait that are too big,
* their corks where they hold the baits off the bottom rather than allowing the baits to fall to the bottom and
* too close to the bluegills.

Click to enlargeBoathouse bluegills often will be the biggest sunfish in a lake. These fish have easy-to-get meals anytime anglers are at the dock. Most anglers empty out bait cups, drop pieces of biscuits and dispose of partially-eaten candy bars either before they leave the boathouse in the morning or when they return to the boathouse in the evening. Boathouses are also home to large numbers of spiders, minnows and bugs on which the bigger bluegills feed. The pilings and boats in the boathouse provide shade and an ambush point for these predators. Also a boathouse provides an opportunity for the bluegills to study anglers.

Tomorrow: Understanding Boathouse Bluegills

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Day 1: Learning from Boathouse Bluegills
Day 2: Understanding Boathouse Bluegills
Day 3: Utilizing Other Fishermen
Day 4: Bedding Boathouse Bluegills
Day 5: Taking Bluegills by Starlight


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