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Click to enlargeThe Revival of Old Lures Continued

Randy Dearman

EDITOR’S NOTE: Bass wise-up to lures the more frequently they see them. When anglers buy old lures and fish them, they quickly discover that the old lures are catching as many, if not more, bass than they did when they were new. The reason is that these older lures are ones that the bass haven’t seen before. Anglers fishing these old lures have new confidence in the old ones that win big-money tournaments. We talk this week with Click to enlargesome of the nation’s top pros to learn what old lures they’re still using and why.

Randy Dearman of Onalaska, Texas, has fished professionally for more than 20 years and has numerous top-10 wins in Bassmaster events.

“If you look in all the professional bass anglers’ tackle boxes, Click to enlargeI bet there aren’t three of them that have a Bomber Mud Bug in them,” Dearman explains. “This crankbait, which runs backwards and has the line tie in the tail of the hook, looks and swims like a crawfish. I like the 500 series and especially the shad-colored lure with a pink stripe. You can fish it from 1-inch to 10-feet deep. If you bend the tail of the lure down, it’ll run so shallow that the nose of the bait will be out of the water and barely tickle the grass. This lure comes through all types of structure without getting hung, and you can fish it over shallow grass flats. If you bend the Click to enlargetail up, the lure will dive deep and you can fish it on rocky banks, clay banks or anywhere you locate crawfish. You seldom see this bait on the market anymore, but luckily, I bought enough of them before they went off the market to still have about 10 of them. “Another old lure that I fish a lot on logs, timber and/or trees in the water is the Strike King Spence Scout. This bait is almost impossible to hang-up.”

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