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Preparation Will Help You Get Your Buck Deer

Day 1: You Can Take a Buck This Deer Season with Outdoor Writer John E. Phillips

Editor’s Note: You can do plenty to stack the odds in your favor, if you start planning now for a successful deer hunt. The sooner you can get that buck in your sights, the better.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger View“I believe I’ll have my buck by no later than 9:30 am,” Fred told us as we sat around the clubhouse discussing deer season. “This deer is not a monster-sized buck, but he’s a fine, fat 6 point. I’m not going to bother to eat breakfast with you fellows in the morning, because after I bag my buck, I’ll bring him in, field dress him, grab a bite to eat and take a nap. Then I’ll get up, and about 4:00 pm, I certainly will appreciate some of you fellows helping me skin and cut-up the deer for the freezer.”

With that statement, Fred immediately had to defend himself against the scoffers who said things like . . .

* “You’re not even going to see a deer – much less kill one.”
* “You kill him - if you’re lucky - and I’ll clean him.”
* “Anyone who believes what Fred’s said, just come and see me, because I’ve got a really good piece of swamp land to sell you that will be an industrial park one day.”

After we finished laughing at Fred and his boasting, we went to bed and waited on the dawn. However, on the following day, the joke was on us. As predicted, Fred took a nice 6 point and was back at the clubhouse by 10:00 am. And, Fred reminded us of what Dizzy Dean once said. “If you done it – it ain’t bragging.”

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewThere is a certain group of hunters who annually will take deer during the first days of the season – usually within the first hour or two. During bow season, that bagged deer may be a doe. And even when gun season comes in, these same sportsmen generally will have their bucks on the ground by 10:00 am. Envious hunters will say, “You know, Bill is just lucky. Seems like every year he goes out and gets his deer before everybody else does. He’s got to be the luckiest hunter I have ever known.” These hunters seldom realize that luck never enters the picture. Bill, or whatever his name is, has studied, researched and observed deer and spent days in the woods before hunting deer. I began to wonder how successful hunters manage to take deer consistently every year. So, I researched what made early-season deer hunters good and the rest of us either average or lucky.

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