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How to Hunt Bad Stands to Take Great Buck Deer

Day 1: How to Hunt – Remember Deer Hunters Don’t Like to Get Wet

Editor’s Note: "To take the biggest buck on any piece of property, always hunt the worst stands," Dr. Keith Causey, a former wildlife researcher at Auburn University, told me. "I let everyone in my hunting club pick the stands where they want to hunt, and I go to the places left. Since no one hunts these areas, the older-age-class bucks can hold there to dodge hunting pressure. If you take the worst stand on your hunting club or public land, then that stand will be the best stand to see an older-age-class buck, 90% of the time."

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewMy buddy Tommy (I have to keep his last name hidden so his hunting-club members won't know his identity) learned that hunting the property at his club no one else hunted paid-off in big-buck dividends. "I realized that none of the deer hunters on our lease liked to get wet," Tommy told me. “Therefore the more I hunted in wet areas, the more likely that I could see deer that other hunters didn't spot. To reach the backside of our property, you had to cross some flooded timber and then two waist-deep creeks. Nobody hunted back there, because they didn't want the hassle of crossing the creeks. I bought a pair of quality waders I put in my backpack and a climbing tree stand.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger View"The first year I tried this tactic, I took the biggest buck ever bagged at my hunting club. Then later on that season, I took two more bucks bigger than any deer ever taken on the club. I never told anyone how or where I hunted, and I tried to sneak my deer out and away from the area from where I'd entered the water. Then no one else could discover how and where I'd found those big deer. I learned that I left no scent on the ground when I traveled by water. No other hunters spooked the deer on the back side of the property where I was hunting, since no one else wanted to hunt there."

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Day 1: How to Hunt – Remember Deer Hunters Don’t Like to Get Wet
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