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Hot-Weather Worming Tactics for Bass

Day 1: Use Plastic Worms to Catch Bass in the Summer

Editor’s Note: When the Dog Days of summer drive bass deep, these special techniques may be your ticket to success.

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger ViewIt dives through treetops, crashes into rocks, slithers through grass, and bounces off boathouses. It swims on the surface and dives to the bottom. Often it is long, while at other times it is short, and it can be any color in the rainbow. Yet it still has the ability to mesmerize and antagonize bass of every size, shape and kind. It is the worm, that cold chunk of plastic, generally with some kind of oil on it that can relieve almost any fishing problem.

“If a person is going to be a competitive fisherman and seriously try to win money in tournaments, he must know how to fish the worm under every water, weather and structural condition,” says Larry Nixon of Bee Branch, Arkansas, a top national bass pro who also has won the Bassmaster Classic.

“The reason the worm works so well,” the late bass-fishing pro and creator of Mann’s Bait Company in Eufaula, Alabama ( HYPERLINK "", Tom Mann, whose prominence is known in the history of the worm, told me, “It is the most natural-looking lure an angler can cast.”

Click for Larger ViewClick for Larger View“Even when bass are really spooky and holding tight to structure, the worm allows the angler to make a soft presentation and trigger a strike,” Gary Klein of Weatherford, Texas, one of the masters of the flipping technique, states.

These are some strong endorsements for a wormy-looking piece of plastic, yet without a doubt, worm fishing has done more to change the way anglers fish than any other form of angling. Worm fishing has gone through an evolutionary process that often has been so gradual that many of us have failed to notice it.

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Tomorrow: The Evolution of the Plastic Worm in Bass Fishing

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Day 1: Use Plastic Worms to Catch Bass in the Summer
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