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The Science of Deer Hunting

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In his latest book, The Science of Deer Hunting, John E. Phillips shares secret strategies employed by some of the nation's best deer hunters and scientists not only to bag deer consistently, but particularly, trophy deer. The award-winning author of many books, Phillips has spent many years afield in the company of expert hunters.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 5
Preface 9
About The Author 11

  1. How To Hunt Deer Scientifically 13
  2. How To Think Like A Buck 19
  3. How To Set Up A Half-Mile Deer Hunt 29
  4. How To Know When Deer Move 37
  5. How Moonlight Affects Buck Behavior 45
  6. How Much Pressure Can A Buck Stand 53
  7. How Effective Are Scents 61
  8. Why Bucks Fight 71
  9. The Weatherman Can Help You Hunt Better 81
  10. Why Nuts Are The Best Bet For Bucks 89
  11. Hunting Deer On Trails 97
  12. The Truth About The Rut 109
  13. Hunting The Rut 119
  14. Facts & Myths About Antlers 127
  15. Truth And Fiction About Deer Tracks 135
  16. Tracking And Trailing Deer 143

Index 151
Fishing & Hunting Resource Directory 155


The Science of Deer Hunting is $13.50

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