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The Masters' Secrets of Turkey Hunting

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Masters of the sport have solved some of the most difficult problems you will encounter while hunting wily longbeards. This book will teach you how to hunt turkeys with bows, blackpowder guns, and shotguns. You will also learn the ten deadly sins of turkey hunting and what to do if you commit them. You will find out why and how a scope can improve your odds for taking turkeys this season, and you will learn offbeat hunting tactics that are effective when all else fails. In The Masters' Secrets of Turkey Hunting, the nation's top turkey pros share their turkey hunting secrets with you.

Table of Contents

About The Author

  1. Learning From PhD Gobblers
  2. The 10 Sins Of Turkey Hunting
  3. Mastering The Calling Secrets Of The Pros
  4. Knowing When To Move On Toms
  5. Hunting Public Land
  6. Tough Tom Tactics Of The Pros
  7. Bo Pitman's Offbeat Tactics
  8. Hunting Five Tough Toms
  9. Pursuing Hermit Turkeys
  10. Dueling With The Skull Closet Gobbler
  11. Scoping Turkeys
  12. Bowhunting Toms -- The Maximum Test
  13. Smoking Gobblers With Black Powder
  14. Winning At The Moment Of Truth
  15. Lessons From Graybeard Gobbler Chasers

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The Masters' Secrets of Turkey Hunting is $13.50

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