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The Masters' Secrets of Bowhunting Deer

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John E. Phillips shares the secrets of some of the nation's best bowhunters. Whether you are a beginner or a master bowman, you will learn strategies to increase you odds for bagging a buck on every outing. An award-winning author of many books, Phillips spends both his working and recreational hours afield with expert hunters. This book is a must for every man and woman who walks into the woods with a strong bow and a swift shaft.

Table of Contents

Dedication 3
Acknowledgements 4
Preface 5
About the Author 7

  1. Master Bowhunter's Secrets For Success 11
  2. Gear Up For Bowhunting 23
  3. Choose Your Broadheads To Suit Your Style 35
  4. Improve Your Arrow's Flight Accuracy 41
  5. Are Tree Stands Friends Or Foes? 47
  6. Avoid The Common Mistakes Bowhunters Make 55
  7. Solve The Difficult Problems Of Bowhunting 63
  8. Make It Happen In A Tree Stand 71
  9. Hunt Your Buck Indian Style 81
  10. Understand The Body Language of Deer 89
  11. Use A Master's Secrets To Bag Bucks 97
  12. Bowhunt The Bucks Of Gun Season 107
  13. Know Nuts To Take Bucks 115
  14. Women With Bows 123
  15. Return Of The Longbow 133
  16. A Trio Of Bow-Killed Trophies 141

Index 149
Resource Directory 151
About The Artist 160

The Masters' Secrets of Bowhunting Deer is $13.50

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