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Jim Crumley's Secrets of Bowhunting Deer

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Jim Crumley, of Roanoke, Virginia, has spent most of his recreational time bowhunting for deer. His desire to learn new and better bowhunting techniques was one of the reasons he created Trebark camouflage. His love of bowhunting led Crumley to make his living in the outdoors. In this new book, Crumley shares the secrets that have made him one of the nation's best deer hunters.

Table of Contents

  1. Where Did Trebark Come From?
  2. Are You a Bowhunter, or Do You Just Hunt With a Bow?
  3. Equipping the Bowman
  4. Finding Land to Hunt
  5. Locating a Magic 60-Acre Deer Lease
  6. Scouting the Pre-Season
  7. Scouting During the Season
  8. Scouting After the Season
  9. Finding Deer Food
  10. Matching Stands and Blinds to the Tactics and the Terrain
  11. Making Sense Out of the Scents
  12. Winning With the Wind
  13. Hunting the Rut
  14. Using Other Bow Tactics
  15. Trailing Secrets




Jim Crumley's Secrets of Bowhunting Deer is $15.50

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