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Click to enlargeWhere You Should Be Hunting

Larry Norton of Pennington, Alabama, is a member of the Mossy Oak and API Pro Staff, a guide at Bent Creek Lodge and owner of Hunter's Tech Turkey Call Company. Known as one of the best bowhunters in the nation, today Norton will tell you where he'll hunt this week and why you need to hunt in the same type places.


Click to enlarge"I'll be hunting around some type of water in hopes of finding acorns," Norton says. "The best way to find the best place to hunt is to walk the edges of old creek banks or wet-weather creeks and look for acorns. When I'm hunting or scouting, I'll have my API Bowhunters climbing stand with me. I'll be looking for squirrels feeding in a nut tree.


Click to enlargeIf I spot several squirrels up one oak tree, I'll go to that oak tree and look for deer sign. If I see tracks, droppings and possibly a trail, I'll find a tree that will allow me to shoot to where the deer are feeding under that tree and get into the stand immediately. I've found that as squirrels feed in an acorn tree they'll knock a lot of nuts from the tree and on to the ground. The deer will be feeding under the same tree where the squirrels are."


Click to enlarge"Another place I'll be hunting this week is a mineral lick and/or a salt lick. During hot dry weather, deer love to go to salt licks and mineral licks to replace the salt and minerals in their bodies that the heat has drawn out. I'll hunt along the trails leading to the mineral lick. There will usually be several trails coming to the minerals. I try and pick the trail that has the most tracks on it, move 100 to 200 yards away from the minerals and get into my tree stand."

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