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Masters' Secrets of Crappie Fishing

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Neither rain, sleet, snow, dark of night, 100 degree heat or -10 wind chill will prevent John Phillips from crappie fishing. The author has caught crappie through the ice in Minnesota, in the sizzling sun of Florida, and in many of the states in between. Phillips has fished with most of the nation's best crappie anglers to learn their secret strategies for catching crappie year-round under every type of weather and water condition. Those techniques and experience are detailed in this book for the enjoyment and success of enthusiastic crappie anglers.

Table of Contents

Dedication 3
Preface 5
About the Author 4

  1. How To Catch Crappie Year-Round 7
  2. How To Take Wintertime Crappie 15
  3. How To Ice Fish For Crappie 29
  4. How To Catch Pre-Spawn Crappie 33
  5. How To Take Spawning Crappie 45
  6. How To Catch Post-Spawn Crappie 57
  7. How To Take Summertime Crappie 65
  8. Why Fish Black Nights In Hot Weather 79
  9. Why Fish In 100-Degree Heat 85
  10. Why Color Is The Key 91
  11. How To Troll For Crappie 99
  12. How To Jigpole Fish For Crappie 111
  13. Why Fish Crankbaits For Crappie 119
  14. Why and Where Gorilla Tactics Still Work 125
  15. What Weird Ways Catch Crappie 133
  16. How To Choose A Crappie Guide 141

Resource Directory 149
About The Artist 160

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Masters' Secrets of Crappie Fishing is $13.50

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