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Bass Fishing Central Alabama

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Bass Fishing Central



John E. Phillips has been bass fishing Alabama for more than 40 years. Whether you are a beginning bass fisherman, a tournament angler or a guide, you will learn new techniques and fishing places in the major reservoirs throughout central Alabama from the pages of this book. An award-winning author of more than 18 books, Phillips is an avid bass fisherman who has sought to find the best information on each lake to help you find and take more bass on every outing.

Table of Contents

Dedication iii
Acknowledgments iii
Preface iv
About the Author v
About the Artist v
Contents vi
Map vii


  1. Aliceville 1
  2. Bankhead 9
  3. Demopolis 17
  4. Gainesville 23
  5. Harding 31
  6. Harris 37
  7. Holt 45
  8. Inland 53
  9. Jones Bluff 59
  10. Jordan 71
  11. Lay 77
  12. Logan Martin 87
  13. Martin 95
  14. Millers Ferry 103
  15. Mitchell 111
  16. Neely Henry 117
  17. Thurlow and Yates 125
  18. Tuscaloosa 133
  19. West Point 141

Appendix (Map Sources) 147

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